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The Hi'ilani Eco House Project

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Tridipanel : Insteel 3D panel system prefabricated polystyrene wire mesh panels.

Tridipanel is an alternative building system using prefabricated polystyrene panels with wire mesh. It becomes a structural wall when concrete, gunnite, Portland cement, plaster and stucco are shotcreted into place. Environmentally friendly, withstands extreme temperatures, earthquake tested and a recycled green product.

Retired President Jimmy Carter  endorses  Tridipanel's product  on the Habitat project .
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Click here to download Brochure in pdf format Click here to Download the ICC Report ESR 2434 - 2013 (.pdf format) 2.7 MB
Click here to download Brochure in pdf format Click here to Download the Typical Building Details - 2013 (.pdf format) 13.4 MB
Click here to download Brochure in pdf format Click here to Download the TridiPanel Brochure (.pdf format) 1.8 MB


This large Palm Springs California shopping center constructed with polystyrene wall panels will soon have shotcrete applied. The wall will be shotcreted with 1.5 in. of shotcrete on each side. The cement based shotcrete then becomes a load bearing structural wall system.

L G's Steak House
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Granite Mountain Reserve ? The Mojave Desert has a climate as extreme as any in the world. Freezing temperatures and winter snows, and summer temperatures as high as 115 Degree Fahrenheit, recorded wind speeds as high as 128 M.P.H., flash floods and numerous record settings earthquakes. Learn more.

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